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A real estate appraiser will give you a professional estimate of what your home is worth, based on a variety of current market conditions. Only trust a thorough appraisal with your family's largest investment.

I'm thinking of selling. What's my home worth?

I want to lower my payments. How much equity do I have?

I'm buying a home. What's the fair market value?

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A home inspector will give your home a professional and thorough inspection so you know what is in great condition and what needs to be repaired. A home inspection is critical if you're selling your home and when you're buying a home.

I'm thinking of selling. What home repairs do I need to make?

I'm buying a home. What do I need to know about it?

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What is the XSites Network?

The XSites Network consists of thousands of appraisers and inspectors across the United States and Canada. These real estate professionals are here to guide you through any step of the real estate process. Whether you’re a lender, an AMC, RELOC association, attorney, bail bondsman, CPA, or estate planner, the XSites Network will help you find the right appraiser to give you an accurate home appraisal.

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